Hi there,

Welcome to my blog. However you’ve found it, I hope that it can provide some sense of insight or support to you the same way many other blogs have done for me.

I’m a 25-year-old female who has struggled for a long time with mental health issues, namely depression and social anxiety. In the summer of 2017, my therapist and I mutually came to the conclusion that borderline personality disorder (BPD) was also a very accurate fit for what I was experiencing. For me, my BPD diagnosis was like having a bucket of cold water dumped over my head. All of my senses were sharpened and I felt much more in tune with my thoughts and feelings. It helped me make new connections and was a new starting point in my journey to a more functional, productive way of living.

I still struggle quite often with intense emotions, abandonment fears, and black-and-white thinking. I battle self-harm urges and suicidal thoughts. These are the things I tackle in therapy with my therapist J, who I began seeing in June 2016 and who I trust more than anyone else in my life. Little by little, I’m working on healing and living the best life I can.

This blog is my emotional outlet. It provides me a safe space to voice and explore some of my most challenging thoughts and feelings without fear of judgment (except perhaps my own!) It supplements the continued work in therapy that I do with J. I hope that this blog will also serve as a measure of my growth in time. If you chose to, thank you for coming along for the ride.